Active Children are better learners

Numerous studies have shown that the more active children are, the better they perform academically. Active Living Research has shown that active students are 2-% more likely to earn an A grade in Math and English, and over 3 years, shows a 6% increase in standardized test scores. Obesity has been shown to significantly impact a child’s cognitive development, and has also been linked to higher numbers of absenteeism. Children’s motor fitness and overall attitude towards school improve with physical activity, and therefore many educators have been incorporating classroom ‘physical activity breaks’ throughout the day.

How Physical Activity Affects Academic Performance

It has been proven over and over again that healthy students are better learners. They excel in all areas of academic performance, behavior, cognitive skills and overall attitude. Considering the amount of time that a typical student spends at school, it is understandable that the school’s policies on physical activities will have an effect on a child’s level of activity.



The Brain Boosting Power of Drumming and Exercise

One of the best ways to take good care of your brain and optimize cognitive performance is to get daily physical activity. Exercise stimulates the release of chemicals that help maintain healthy cells and blood vessels in the brain which contribute to better mood, sleep and overall cognitive performance – just to name a few. If you’re not sure what exercise to do or how much you need, you can consult the Physical Activity Guidelines For Americans and start small; turn on some music and sweep the kitchen, go for a walk, play tag with a friend, and if you want to get a great workout and have some fun, try out a group class! Every little bit of movement counts toward your goal and better brain health and performance.



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