Of ParEntS fEel thAt TheRe ShoUld be moRe PhySicAl EduCatIon in scHooLs, paRtiCulArlY For adDreSsiNg ObeSitY.

WanT sMarTer, hEalThiEr KidS?

Try phYsiCal edUcaTioN!

Quality, daily physical education in schools not only reduces obesity amongst our children, but it improves academic performance.

Hear from Paul Zientarski, physical educator from Naperville Central High School in Illinois, sharing the benefits of PE programs focused on participation rather than competition to an TedX audience in Bend, Oregon in 2015.



HerE aRe 5 aMazIng fiNdiNgs frOm One of ouR fAvoRitE sTudIes inTo The BenEfiTs Of PhySicAl EduCatIon!

Children respond faster and with greater accuracy to a variety of cognitive tasks after participating in a session of physical activity

Physical activity can also support children’s mental and cognitive health. Being active on a regular basis can reduce symptoms of anxiety and depression, and is related to improved self-esteem, greater social interaction among peers, and being more goal-oriented.

Executive function and brain health underlie academic performance. Basic cognitive functions related to attention and memory facilitate learning, and these functions are enhanced by physical activity and higher aerobic fitness.

Available evidence suggests that mathematics and reading are the academic topics that are most influenced by physical activity. These topics depend on efficient and effective executive function, which has been linked to physical activity and physical fitness.

Single sessions of and long-term participation in physical activity improve cognitive performance and brain health. Children who participate in vigorous- or moderate-intensity physical activity benefit the most.

Educating the student body: Taking physical activity and physical education to school. (Institute of Medicine. National Academies Press, 2013)


DrumFIT is passionate about the importance of physical education for every child. We support SHAPE National in their 50 Million Strong by 2029 initiative.

Shape of the

Nation 2016

Shape America’s annual update on the state of physical education and physical activity in the American education system. Designed to inform physical education policies and practices that improve student health and well-being. The report states that as we strive for school-age children to achieve the recommended 60 minutes of daily physical activity, “schools need to commit to making evidence-based physical education the cornerstone of their comprehensive school physical activity program.”


E.s.s.A. – eVerY sTudEnt suCceEds acT

  • School health and physical education are identified as part of a student’s “well-rounded education”. This term replaces the term “core academic subjects” from previous versions of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act, like No Child Left Behind.
  • Subjects that are part of a well-rounded education are eligible for federal education funding.
  • School districts will be able to access funding for health and physical education from Title I (low income schools), Title II (professional development), and Title IV through their state department of education.
  • Funding previously awarded to school districts through the Carol M. White Physical Education Program (PEP) from the U.S. Department of Education will no longer exist after FY 2016.
  • Title IV, Part A block grants will be distributed to states and school districts using the Title I formula. School districts must spend this money on: supporting a well-rounded education, safe and healthy students programs, and effective use of technology. This funding offers states and school districts the opportunity to improve school health and physical education programs.
  • ESSA funding for Titles I, II and IV will begin to flow to states in July 2017. The 2016-2017 school year will be a transition year for states and school districts. States have already begun to develop ESSA implementation plans. Make sure YOU are part of the process!

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